Monday, April 18, 2011

Why You Need a Used Ultrasound Machine

Buying a used piece of equipment is always a good way to save money. It is often cheaper than the new one and for this reason; many people prefer buying used ones. Even doctors and clinical professionals prefer getting used ultrasound machines for their hospitals since they can save thousands of dollars which can be invested in something else.

As you know, an ultrasound machine is a piece of equipment used for diagnostic imaging and other therapies. Though it is widely used by gynecologists, it is increasingly catching up with cardiologists, pathologists and doctors from other disciplines.

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Identifying ailments with ultrasound has greatly reduced death rates all over the world from various diseases. Now, there is probably no hospital without an ultrasound machine for diagnosis of ailments. Since there is a big demand, many equipment brokers deal with refurbished and used ultrasound machines. Refurbished machines don't mean they are of inferior quality; in fact, OEM certified companies regularly purchase used ultrasound machines only after thorough physical investigation by engineers. They have an extensive check-list for this purpose with inspection parameters, diagnostics and verification. This entails the equipment OEM certification which makes sure the re manufactured or re engineered ultrasound machine operates at its full potential at far lesser cost.

As technology progresses, hospitals have to catch up with the newer technology. Hospitals discard the old ones for new and more advanced models and those used ultrasound machines are eventually refurbished and sold at far cheaper prices in the market. Clinics, set up in the low-income communities can benefit from buying these ultrasound machines and save thousands of dollars. In poor countries where hospitals can't afford to buy lots of new machines can buy ultrasounds at far cheaper rates and provide the services to the poor people at more affordable costs.

These days, ultrasound machines come up in small form factors which cost as little as $9000. Used ones are even cheaper and far more affordable for clinics and mission doctors. Many OEMs and specialized companies are engaged in refurbishing these machines even if they are broken. Broken parts are replaced and other components are thoroughly checked for defects.

Modern day refurbishing technology makes these used ultrasound machines work just as their newer counterparts. In essence, used ultrasound machines are a boon for many hospitals who can't afford very expensive and new ultrasound machines. These people can buy ultrasounds which can benefit less privileged in the society.

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